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"Prof. Ostin C. Mungiu"

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CEMEX. Infinite Solutions.

Our Center is built upon over 40 years of expertise and experience in fundamental and applied biomedical sciences, pharmacology and pain research.

CEMEX is an integrated, research and development department of the Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, providing a variety of services for many sectors, including human or animal healthcare, pharmaceutics or biotechnology.

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We offer Preclinical Services Customized to your Needs.
Our extended portfolio of unique mouse disease models, together with our long-lasting expertise in preclinical testing, our standardized procedures as well as the customer oriented scientific consultation and services we provide, constitute our unmatched competitive advantage.


Our 2,000 sqm of state-of-the-art infrastructure is uniquely equiped to tackle the most challenging fundamental and preclinical R&D projects, while our management, quality control and ethical procedures are compliant to the high EU standards for animal research and ISO 9001.

CEMEX houses the following core facilities:

Why Us

Our resources include a team of highly educated and experienced scientists and technicians that operate in our SPF research animal facility and state-of-the-art laboratory. Our lead in the field of Preclinical Testing is also supported by our highly active Research & Development program that aims at the development and characterization of novel humanized animal disease models. Our preclinical services combine high-end research with cutting edge technologies.


Together with our partners both public and private sector: universities, research institutes, hospitals, public institutes for health, biotech start-ups, pharma companies and other CROs, CEMEX successfully developed complex projects.

BioROne, the first joint biotech initiative in North-East (NE) Romania, founded in 2011, certified by ESCA in 2016 with the bronze medal for quality management, the cluster includes 17 members (2 clinical hospitals, 3 universities, 4 institutes: oncology, forensic medicine, macromolecular chemistry and technical physics, 2 public health departments, 5 SME companies and one large company). The role of the cluster is to contribute with a different set of skills and experiences, from research and education to production, marketing and legislation, to successfully bring to market new products and services, innovative in the field of interest.



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We believe that research is the key to prevention and healing.

That is why, we are always looking for reinforcing collaboration with other groups and healthcare.  

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