Cristina-Mariana URÎTU

Senior Researcher III, Phd

Cristina Mariana Uritu (1968) is the supervisor of the preclinical molecular imaging laboratory within the research department of CEMEX – UMF Grigore T. Popa Iași.
C. M. Uritu holds both the specialization of chemical engineer (graduated from the Technical University Gh. Asachi Iasi, 1993) and medical bioengineer (graduated from UMF Grigore T. Popa Iasi, 2009) with a master’s degree in advanced medical biotechnologies. She was trained as a researcher in the field of nanotechnologies for biomedical applications between 2010 and 2017 at the Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of Iasi, where she obtained her PhD degree in chemistry in 2015, with the thesis entitled Controlled release systems of bioactive principles. Within this broad interdisciplinary field, she has studied predominantly delivery systems for antitumor therapy and nonviral vectors for gene transfer, but also radiolabeling processes of various nanomaterials in the purpose to obtain new radiopharmaceuticals. Since 2017, she has been working as Scientific Researcher 3rd degree at UMF Grigore T. Popa Iași, where she continues her research activity on radiotracers for nuclear imaging (PET/SPECT) and NMR contrast agents and also contributing to the development of new in vivo applications that involves the use of imaging techniques.
The current scientific interest of the researcher consist of two main directions: (1) the development of new nano-pharmaceutical forms for diagnosis and/or treatment, studying their biodistribution, bioavailability or efficacy with the help of imaging techniques and (2) preclinical studies regarding the diagnosis, monitoring and therapy of various maladies by using modern imaging techniques such as: PET, MRI, X-ray, fluorescence and bioluminescence. C. M. Uritu is a member of Romanian Society of Nuclear Medicine and of Romanian Society of Chemistry.