Senior Researcher III, Phd

Raluca Ştefănescu (1978) graduated in Biochemistry, from „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, from Iaşi, Romania, Faculty of Biology in 2001. She followed the courses of the Master in Enzymology and Biotechnology at the same University, Faculty of Chemistry and graduated in 2003 and received in the same time a two-year Sokrates-Erasmus stipend at the University of Konstanz where she studied and conducted research in the Laboratory of Analyical Chemistry and Biopolymer Analysis. She continued to work as PhD student in the same laboratory focusing at mass spectrometric approaches for epitope identification until 2007 when she successfully defended her PhD thesis. Then she joined the research team from Molecular and Cellular Biology Department from University of California in Davis working at protein collision cross section determinations by mass spectrometry. In 2017, Raluca received a Scientific Researcher III position for liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry and is currently conducting research on the quantitation of different chemical compounds in biological samples and on the discovery of antiaggregating substances protecting against beta-amyloid oligomerization in Alzheimer’s disease.